How It Works

Tipsters can call in, submit an online tip, or give a tip through the mobile app.

What Happens
When I Give A Tip?

When you call, an operator will answer the phone and take down the information you wish to provide about a crime. He or she will NEVER ask for your name, phone number, address or any other identifying information. In fact, if you provide any of this information, the operator will advise you they have to disconnect the call and ask you to call back to give your tip.


Your anonymous tip is provided to local law enforcement agencies that will take action on the information and report back to us on whether it led to the solving or prevention of a crime.

How Do I Follow Up?

When you provide a tip, you are assigned a code number, which is the only method Crime Stoppers has of identifying you. You must remember this number and provide it to check on the status of the information you have given and if a reward has been awarded.

How Do I Get My Reward?

Rewards are paid in cash and are placed at a designated location for pick up. You do not give any information about yourself, just that you are there to pick up an envelope marked with your code number.

Is It Really Anonymous?

Crime Stoppers promises and guarantees your anonymity—we do not have Caller ID, we do not use *67 and we do not record phone calls. Crime Stoppers also pays for software that scrambles any personal information including IP addresses when you submit an online tip or a tip through the mobile app. Your location will never be able to be tracked.